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Winter prelude Winter prelude

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This is beautiful. Kudos for sticking with classical form, i loved it.

I especially love the chord progressions and your melody. Around :30 when you ended the section in minor, I was secretly hoping for a cadence that ended in major, so when you repeated the section and did exactly that around 1:00, I'm sure I smiled really really big. I'd have loved to hear it at the end of the piece as well.

Congrats, you've got a fan.

descara responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

I tried to make a play out of the presence or absence of picardy third (major tonic rather than minor tonic at the end of cadences in minor keys), with the first A-section and second B-second having minor phrase endings, encircling the two major phrase endings (second A and first B sections). My aim was to lend a more sombre feel to the piece (though the picardy third is more or less needed when heading into the B-section, as it starts of in G minor while the piece is in D minor), as well as give a kind of mirrored symmetry to the phrase endings (minor-major-major-minor), but I must admit that when I'm playing it I'm always rather tempted to end the final cadence with a picardy third as well ;)